An initiative founded to reduce cognitive dissonance and garner an environment of cultural understanding among diverse student populations.


Phone: 608-237-1966

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© 2020 by the Calm with Kalaa Initiative. | All Rights Reserved  | Dancer in photos: Shruti Parthasarathy, Photos taken by: Sarah Monson

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The Calm with Kalaa Initiative

The art of wellness

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"Unifying diverse student populations around the globe through the universal voice of art."

- Shruti Parthasarathy, founder of the Calm with Kalaa Initiative 

Recent Events

2019-2020, 2nd Semester MHS Workshops Begin
Middleton High School
8-week Research Study (till Dec. 2019)
Middleton High School
2019-2020, 1st Semester MHS Workshops
Middleton High School

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Empower people of all ages, of all ethnicities, to live to their fullest potential through an ancient Indian art form.