An initiative founded to alleviate mental health and garner an environment of cultural understanding among diverse student populations.


Phone: 608-237-1966

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© 2020 by the Calm with Kalaa Initiative. | All Rights Reserved  | Dancer in photos: Shruti Parthasarathy, Photos taken by: Sarah Monson

Upcoming Events

2019-2020, ONLINE: 2nd Sem. MHS Workshops Begin
Middleton High School
Oakwood Retirement Center Workshop
Oakwood Village University Woods
2020 Kids & Family Wellness Expo
Kromrey Middle School
8-week Research Study
Middleton High School

Some Past Events Include at:

- Yale University (2019)

- Princeton University (2019)

- Northwestern University (2019)

- Middleton High School Freshman Advisories (2018 - ongoing)

- MHS Fine Arts Week (2019)

- Middleton High School Foundations of Health and Movement Course Students (curriculum based: 2019 - ongoing)

- MCPASD Professional Development day (Feb & Oct. 2019)

- Glacier Creek Middle School (2018)