before the workshop

Of all the 300+ students surveyed at my workshop, 75.48% reported feeling stressed numerous times a week - over 30% stating they feel stressed every single day. In addition, 97.06% of students reporting that academic pressures make up a large portion of their stress levels.


After attending A workshop

A whooping 86.12% of students stated that they found this presentation useful - not only in terms of ways to release stress, but also to learn more about the Indian culture and their Indian peers!In addition, 88.06% have reported feeling a decrease in their stress levels after one session of Bharatanatyam. 



Most importantly, approximately 87.74% of students stated they will definitely or at least will consider using simple stress-relieving methods from Bharatanatyam in the future.

An initiative founded to alleviate mental health and garner an environment of cultural understanding among diverse student populations.

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