"Not only did I learn about an innovative way to de-stress, I also learned about the cultural aspect of my Indian peers and I felt like it really  brought us together as a community."

- Junior at Middleton High school

"Dance is more than just entertainment - it is a culture and a story."

-Freshman at Middleton high school

“Using Bharatanatyam to de-stress helped me focus on my body and forget about my worries.”

-Eighth grader at glacier creek middle school

"I never realized that Indian dance could have such simple movements to relieve stress on an everyday basis." 

-teacher at the Middleton Cross plains area school district

"I really enjoyed the connections made between acupressure, medicine, and Bharatanatyam. It helped me realize the ways in which dancing can improve all aspects of one's physical and mental health."

-Junior at Yale university

An initiative founded to alleviate mental health and garner an environment of cultural understanding among diverse student populations.

Email: calmwithkalaa@gmail.com 

Phone: 608-237-1966

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